Saturday, June 16, 2012

Packing up

Our last days in Seattle (or in Clyde Hill, to be more exact) are running out fast. I've never been fond of saying good byes, so I find it a bit distressing even to blog about anything for the moment. Despite being very excited about all the new waiting us in Singapore, it nevertheless will be sad to leave this chapter of our life behind. The house is almost empty and our container will leave in two hours, and I've been picking up and packing the last pieces here.

You should have seen the moving guys when I explained to them that my pots and planters are coming with me (the ones in the pictures are only a part of my collection, hopeless pot hamster as I am...). They thought I probably was the maddest person they've met, but politely only rolled their eyes to each other. I was lucky to find someone to take care of the plants and wheelbarrowed them over a couple of blocks to their new home. Also, I couldn't help but to dig up my precious double trillium, and send it together with a soft lavender Anemone 'Robinsoniana' to my mother-in-law MaryLou in Sweden, who is a passionate and talented gardener. If the plants survive their postal transport (I couldn't find spagnum moss anywhere so packing paper had to do), she'll surely get them to thrive in her garden near Stockholm. It would be lovely to have some living memories from here greeting us when we go back. But later about that; it is time for a couple of years in the tropics first!  

PS - I won't be updating my blog regularly until things get settled, but then I'll be back with new vigour, and hopefully even a new design for my blog. All the best until then - Liisa.