Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quote of the Day

Half the interest of a garden is the constant exercise of the imagination.

- Alice Morse Earle, 1897 -
Sometimes I wonder if our gardens really do exist, other than as a projection of our dreams in our minds and thoughts. I've so often seen that empty look in other peoples eyes when they look at my plantings, unable to imagine them as I do. I my mind, I see the promise of beauty with no bare soil, all the tiny seedlings forming beautiful mats of well-combined perennials, the twiggy saplings as full grown trees.
I found the pretty snowdrops above (Galanthus elwesii, the giant snowdrop) on my morning walk and started wondering if the ones I planted in my garden in Saltsjöbaden, hundreds of them between a large group of Hostas, would soon come up. And of course, I started to contemplate new plants to complement the scheme in my garden. So, even if I am not getting the physical exercise of gardening for the moment, my mind is definitely being busy with the creative part of it.


Anonymous said...

They are a lovely sign of spring.
That element of time makes garden planning tricky, trying to capture the garden in the sweet spot, somewhere in between just beginning and overgrown.

Ruben said...

Spot on and great fun! *smiling* /Ruben

The Intercontinental Gardener said...

So true, Northern Shade, so true... And Ruben, thanks for your comment!