Thursday, March 5, 2009

Magic carpets of spring

Self-sown, pink Helleborus orientalis-hybrids by the creek.
Yesterday, I wandered past a truly magical garden. From the street, I could glimpse thousands of snowdrops covering the soil, mingling together with Hellebores and other spring bulbs. So I could not keep myself from knocking on the door today, I was so curious about seeing more despite the gray weather (I don't often invite myself to other people's gardens...). Marian opened the door and friendly allowed me to take some photos, and even invited me to come back when the weather gets better, so that we can have a closer look at all the treasures growing in her garden. It is situated on a slope and a small creek runs beside it, and the bulbs and Hellebores have self-seeded themselves happily in these ideal conditions. It really felt like the plants were having a party of their own, showing off their beautiful new spring dresses for each other. What a wonderful, harmonious feeling this garden has, I thought while I wandered through it.
Cyclamen and snowdrops under a Hydrangea.
A spotted white Helleborus-hybrid together with snowdrops; a darker Helleborus variety and Narcissus coming up in the background.
Hundreds and hundreds of Hellebores; I've never seen so many in my whole life - Marian has tens of square feet covered with beautiful plants, all in full flower.
Snowflakes, Leucojum vernum, look similar to snowdrops, but have bigger and more bell-shaped flowers with distinct green or yellow markings on the tips.
More Hellebores...
K A sea of snowdrops and almost black Hellebores; they are so beautiful, but oh so difficult to catch on photos...
I just have to share some pictures of this magical place, my photos truly do not make justice to the beauty of Marian's garden or her plants. Hopefully the sun comes out soon, as I can't wait to get back to meet her and see these beauties again.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that garden looks truly amazing! Good for you for being brave and making that connection. I think anyone who would plant such a beautiful space would be a friendly person, I'm glad she was anyway. Naturalized hellebores, a gardener's dream! Look forward to seeing more as your friendship develops with the garden's seasons.

Rajee Sood said...

God lord ...I think I am getting addicted to your blog ...loved the mosses and now this post ... great pictures... I wish I too could see it in person...must be soooo...fabulous.Wow... goody so happy you went knockin' ... :)

nilla|utanpunkt said...

Masses of flowers is the "trick"! Unfortunately, there's another trick to make it a lot of them (money), or wait for years (extreme patience) for them to selfseed. But the ones who do, they certainly are rewarded! Beautiful!

The Intercontinental Gardener said...

Karen, I thought just as you, that someone with such a wild and lovely garden must be a nice person; and it was so true. I really feel like I got a "special present" being allowed to be in her garden.

Rajee, thanks for you comments, it is so much fun to connect with garden people from so many places in the world. India is on my top list for garden visits, we'll see how soon this will realize...

Camellia, I agree; plants really are social creatures and look so much happier with friends around them :-) Marian has gardened here for at least 20 years; I need to stop moving soon (or get rich!) to get results like hers before I grow all too old....