Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Closed between bird cherries and lilacs...

I'm heading off for a little spring holiday with my family. Really, I would be as happy staying here, lying under a tree looking at it's newly unfolded leaves and musing over the wonder of spring.
There is an old Swedish story about a shoemaker, who always hanged a sign on his door this time of the year, saying: "Stängt mellan hägg och syren"; "Closed between (the blooming of) bird cherries and lilacs".
Hänryckningens tid, as they sometimes call spring in Sweden... a time of being filled with wonder and enchantment. The old shoemaker understood this so well, sitting in his garden and enjoying life waking up around him after a long and cold winter. Now, I don't have any bird cherries or lilacs, but the horse chestnuts look lusciously green and azaleas are coming out so I'll be content with that, even if they don't have any scent...


Karen said...

Hope you enjoy(ed) your vacation! I agree, we should be able to take time off to enjoy the beauty and renewal that spring offers each year. I think it's more interesting and lovely than summer!

nilla|utanpunkt said...

Spring means something very special to Northerners, all that long winter, and finally everything burst out in colours and beautiful shapes! A time to relish...and enjoy the garden.

Have a lovely Easter!