Thursday, April 22, 2010

Quote of the day

We don't express nature, we express our relations to nature.
The fact of creating is the expression of nature.

-Adaline Kent (1900-1957), sculptor-

Adaline created the human-like, reclining sculpture in the famous pool at the Donnell garden in Sonoma, designed by Thomas Church in the 1940s. This pool became the most photographed one in the world and articles with pictures of it were widely published in magazines and gardening books. Adaline's name was rarely mentioned in the articles.
I found a autobiography by her, published in 1958, the year after she died in a car accident. The quote above is from this wonderful collection of fragments from her notebooks and photos of her sculptures. There are several pictures of minerals, shells, pebbles and magic and primitive artifacts that she kept in her atelier; many of them functioned as inspiration to her artwork. Adaline's sculptures have strong, biomorphic forms; her language of expression had its roots in her close relationship with the nature, just as she writes above. Her smooth but powerful, abstract style reminds me especially of Henry Moore; maybe it is the strong connection with the nature that makes the work of both sculptors so calming, consoling.
Adaline Kent: Presence, 1947. Collection SFMOMA.
I photographed the logs above on the Ruby Beach at the western shores of the Olympic Peninsula; the glowing logs of redwood brighten up the leaden grey and murky brown tones of these cold, Pacific beaches. Adaline would probably transformed the essence of them into one of her sculptures...


nilla|utanpunkt said...

Mycket intressant citat, det ligger mycket i det. Och så en underbar bild på stockarna.

Ruben said...

Skulpturen äger någon sorts självklar harmoni. /Ruben

Laura said...

Beautiful artwork! I love wood sculptures, so raw!

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

That is a truly fabulous quote. And so true. Thanks for that.