Friday, February 11, 2011

More complete, by adding

A garden is not complete
until nothing more can be removed.
*- Japanese proverb -
* *
On the way to the school bus this morning, my girls found this stone by the sidewalk. "Look, mom, it's a perfect miniature mountain! Let's take it home!" So I carried it home with red, frostbitten fingers (no gloves again, one gets so lazy when they are seldom needed). Under some big trees behind the house, it now forms an enchanted little landscape together with the ever-flourishing mosses, like a tiny shard of completeness amongst all imperfection.
I just wonder how I can keep the maintenance guys from removing it, without marking it with some kind of an ugly label?


Ruben said...

Jag undrar hur många som instämmer i japanens ord? Kanske hans sätt att säga "Less is more", en devis som faktiskt ofta är så sant som det är sagt!
Du får göra en liten skylt och sätta vid stenen med texten " Do not move my mountain" ... eller " Här vilar en japan"!! ;-) Det ska nog hålla klåfingriga händer borta!
Ha det gott!

Garden Lily said...

It is so perfect! I had a sick feeling in my gut, thinking of your maintenance guys removing it by accident. I had a landscaper throw a gorgeous boulder I had carefully dug out of my yard, into the ravine, and it still makes me sick to think of it, six years later. Hopelessly covered in blackberry vines, and never to be seen again.

Unknown said...

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