Saturday, September 24, 2011

Naked ladies, next door

 'Naked ladies', Colchicum autumnale, with Geraniums and Tanacetums in my neighbors garden.

A dear old gardening lady lives just a couple of houses from us, and these luxuriant bulbs are now blossoming against a tapestry of small flowers in her front yard. Her garden is full of carefully planned combinations like this; just look how well the purple-pink petals and sunny stamens of the 'naked ladies' pick up the tones of the delicate purple veining of the Geraniums and the yellow buttons of the Tanacetums. So pretty. While passing, I always think how her garden is so not my style, but I love seeing it anyway. I guess it is the joy of gardening that I enjoy, so evident in everything she does.

My own 'Naked ladies' don't seem to have any lust of showing themselves this year. I don't know what has happened. They produced huge, lush leaves after last season's flowers faded, so I thought they were doing well and ready to bloom again this autumn. But now, nothing. Maybe they would like to have prettier companions around them, like my neighbors do?


Ruben said...

Blommor har ju inbyggt i generna att försöka överglänsa varandra, så att det är något fel på sällskapet tror jag inte, såvida det inte är överväldigt glänsande (och det kanske det är)! Du har ju en sådan fin trädgård.

Ha en trevlig helg!

PS Har du fått tag i din mynta, Agastache ännu?

Carol said...

Lovely, Maybe your ladies will come out later . . . being late can be fashionable you know. They may be late sleepers. It is good to see the beauty in another garden even when we do not care for the style. A good lesson for us all. Thank you!

The Intercontinental Gardener said...

Hej Ruben, jag har inte hittat mina frön än. Vi får se, det blir roligt att leta vidare...

Carol, Good to hear from you again.
I actually saw some tiny buds coming out today, so they are there, just much later than my neigbors. Her's are in a sunnier spot, which explains probably the big difference in timing.