Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh, baby, you are so beautiful...

Trillium gradiflorum 'Floro plenum' in full bloom in my garden. Every nodding flower is like a perfect miniature camellia - or not quite, somehow these feel a bit more sensitive...

I'm madly in love. With a White Wake-robin that grows in my garden. And there is nothing to do about it. And I swear I won't leave this place, ever, without it (not that I am moving anywhere for the moment, but so that you know, just in case...).

I've been kneeling besides my camellia-flowering Trillium grandiflorum 'Floro plenum', gazing into its pearly white, nodding flowers. It seems fully aware of its preciousness and quite reluctant have its portrait taken. Of course, my gorgeous Wake-robin was another invaluable gift from Marian, one of the few gardeners who had such priceless rarities growing around in her garden just like other people have tulips and daffodils.
Briefly, I wondered how I can ever thank her enough for all the treasures I have got, but I guess I do: I love and take care of every single one of them, with passion. And what more can you ask for when you have to leave your babies behind?

Almost everything in a Trillium - petals, sepals and leafs - grow in clusters of three, even if in the double forms this can be a bit difficult to see.

The double forms of Trillium gradiflorum are mutations, where all the reproductive organs have mutated to petals. These forms often possess a great beauty, and are highly sought after by gardeners and collectors. most double forms are sterile and must be propagated by slow, asexual division. Thus, if available at all, they command very high prices - a couple of days ago, Carol Klein called it "a holy grail for plant collectors" in the Guardian. Horticulturally, these forms have been given name 'floro plenum' or "multiplex', meaning "many petaled", which is not a correct latin name, but is used for convenience in trade.
"Trilliums", by Frederick W. Case, Jr, and Roberta B. Case, by Timber Press in Oregon, is an excellent book about this plant genus.


Ruben said...

Ja, det var verkligen en riktig goding. Verkligen vacker! Jag förstår att tankarna går till givaren då och då. Det är det fina med "fådda" blommor. Sköt om den väl, det verkar vara en riktig dyrgrip du har. Trevlig helg! /Ruben

Laura said...

I can see why your in love, what a beautiful bloom!

Northern Shade said...

Your 'Floro Plenum' is beautiful, with all of the delightful extra petals. Yours seem to have a lot of flowers. These plants look great under the trees. I grow the regular Trillium grandiflorum, but they are not up yet.

Carol said...

I do not normally care for doubles but oh my, this is stunning! I have heard of Wake-robin and I can see your comparison to the Camellia. Lovely portrait and you are so lucky to have such a friend in Marian! ;>)