Friday, March 30, 2012

Start of the sakura season

I've been a bit unfair to the local weather; after all my whining about the perpetual rain, we actually had a couple of gloriously sunny spring days during the weekend. Unfortunately, I was all too busy either to take photographs or to blog about it, so you just have to take my word for it. For the moment it is pouring rain again, so I had to postpone my planned cherry photography session...

Flowering cherries are extremely popular in the Pacific Northwest gardens, which is one living proof of the tight east-west connections of the area. Many single-flowered species are out now, but their petals have unfortunately been ripped of by the winds and water all too soon after opening. I caught these white ones by a nearby roadside two days ago, and now they are already gone. Buds of the double-bloomed cherries are still swelling, wisely waiting for better weather before bursting out. I'm following them daily and hoping for a dry spell, if only for a couple of hours... I'm dreaming of a Hanami - a cherry blossom viewing party - under the big, double pink cherry tree in our backyard, but we'll see if the weather gods think it is a good idea or vote it down with their showers. 

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